Large-Scale Energy Storage

Substantial implementation of fluctuating energy sources like solar and wind energy require the combination with facilities for long-term, large-scale storage of power. The section LSE targets its research and educational activities at three lines of direction. The first is the enhanced catalytic and electrochemical conversion of hydrogen, obtained from electrolysis coupled to wind/solar parks, with a carbon source to fuels and bulk chemicals that fit in our existing energy supply infrastructure; for example substitute natural gas and highly energy dense liquid fuels. In this line of research the coupling with CO2 is foreseen, which is for example biomass derived. The second line of research concerns the further electrification of the process industry, via e.g. microwave plasma gasification of biogenic residues. The third line of research is directed towards energy storage via the coupling of biomass/waste with renewable energy sources based on the creation of a synthesis gas platform realized by smart integration of novel biomass/waste gasifiers.