Wiebren de Jong


      Research activities


Development of large-scale energy storage concepts.

Utilization of CO2 via enhanced catalytic conversion and electrocatalysis.

Electrification of the process industry.

Integrated thermal and chemical biorefinery concepts using renewable energy sources, a.o. Furfural from biomass production patent.



Educational activities

wb1530-16 Thermofluids (BSc)

ME45180 Energy Storage: Processes, Materials & Equipment

wb4422: Thermal Power Plants (MSc)

SET3041: Energy from Biomass (MSc)


Former member of the educational board WB of the faculty 3mE (2010-2013) and examination board 3TU-SET (2007-2013). 


Other activities

Acquisition of new national & international projects in the field of integrated biomass thermal and chemical conversion and H2/CO2 utilization for energy storage.



Curriculum vitae

Wiebren de Jong obtained a chemical engineering MSc. degree from Twente University in 1991 and a PdEng degree in 1994 from the same technical university. After a post-graduate exchange programme at the University of Stuttgart (Germany) in the field of hydrogen storage in metal hydrides, in 1996 he started working as PhD student in the Energy Technology section of the faculty 3mE (department of Process & Energy) in the field of biomass gasification in pressurized fluidized bed reactors. Since obtaining his PhD degree in 2005 he became assistant professor and in 2010 associate professor in the field of thermo-chemical conversion of biomass and hybrid biorefinery concepts. Since 2016 he is also part-time professor (honorary) at Groningen University in the area of integrated thermo-chemical biorefinery and renewable energy sources. He is member of the STW platform clean and efficient combustion and he’s also TU representative member in the Dutch Flame Research Foundation, linked to the International Flame Research Foundation. He is teaching renewable energy related courses like Energy from Biomass (SET MSc. programme), Fuel Conversion, Thermodynamics and Thermal Power Plants; and he is member of educational boards at the faculties 3mE and TNW.