MasterTracks at Process & Energy

Mech. Eng. - Solid and Fluid Mechanics (ME-SFM)

In the SFM track you get introduced in the fundamental principles and the related equations of solid and fluid mechanics and it provides you with a solid foundation for both experimental research and practical applications. You choose one of the specialisations that are within...

Mech. Eng. - Sustainable Processes & Energy Technologies (ME-SPET)

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 There is widespread agreement that human activities, and specifically industrial processes, are sustainable if they promote a development that “meets the needs of the present without...

Opportunities for SPET and SFM students to do your Internship or final Master project

SPET and SFM students looking for a position to do their internship in the Netherlands or abroad, or those that prefer to do their final Master project outside the P&E Department can have a look here