MSc Student Projects

Available MSc Projects

Fluid Mechanics
CFD for two phase flow in a splitter used for offshore oil and gas production
CFD modeling of soot formation in flames in glass melting furnaces
Computational Fluid Dynamics for Multiphase Flow in Pipelines
Computational modeling of transient hydrogen flames in the event of a nuclear reactor accident
Core-annular flow through a horizontal pipe
Dispersion of Pollutants in a Turbulent Urban Atmosphere
Evolving complex flow networks
Experimental investigation of the flow fields generated by cilia
Experiments on suppression of liquid loading
Flow transitions in natural convection
Hydrodynamics of flagellar motility: design of a micro-pipette aspiration experimental set-up
Hydrogen production by cracking of methane in a solar reactor
Investigation of flow patterns induced by the collective motion of micro-organisms
Mechanics of milk droplets in a shear flow
MSc project: A minimalistic look at re-suspension of finite-size particles in turbulent channel transport by means of DNS
MSc project: Can a bird-feather-inspired surface texture reduce turbulent drag?
MSc project: Simulation of Supersonic Under-Expanded Gas Jet
MSc. project: Experimental study of by-pass pigging with speed control in a pipeline
Near-wall velocities at topologically structured surfaces
Numerical schemes for two-phase flows; Analysis of several test cases on the onset of waves
Simulating blood flow
Simulation of turbulent flow of liquid metals at NRG
Two-phase pulsating flow analysis of air-milk in a milking robot
Energy Technology
Several MSc thesis topics on solar thermal power
Buckminsterfullerene for Capacitive Energy Storage
CFD calculations of SOFC performance with bio-syngas
Direct conversion of carbon dioxide and hydrogen to fuels
Electro-reduction of CO2 in non-aqueous solvents for energy storage application
Experimental investigation of rice husk gasification in a 25kW Bubbling Fluidized Bed Gasifier
Gas turbine flow and combustion simulations using LES and tabulated chemistry
Indirect production of so-called solar fuels from excess sustainable energy: methane and DME
Investigation of the torrefaction process during pyrolysis conditions, before and after the process
Ion Adsorption onto a Charged Silica Surface
LCA of microwave plasma gasification
Mesh relaxation schemes for CFD based on molecular dynamics
Optimization of industrial-scale pre-combustion CO2-capture unit of an IGCC power plant
Parametric study on the potential of using the small-scale Pyroprobe for gasification tests
Rotating heat pipe research towards novel heat transfer media
Stator/rotor interaction of high expansion ratio turbines
Surface roughness quantification for turbochargers
Synthesis, Characterization and Evaluation of Binary Alloys for Electrochemical Carbon Dioxide Reduction
System design and thermodynamic evaluation of natural gas based combined cycle plants (NGCC) systems with carbon capture and hydrogen storage
Turbocharger performance assessment
Turbulence modeling for supercritical fluid flows
Intensified Reaction & Separation Systems
Assessment of the lattice Boltzmann method for simulating real-world multiphase flows
Capturing liquid aerosols with thin fibrous filter
Comparison of numerical methods for multiphase flows
Direct numerical simulations of non-spherical particles
Enhancing cooling of an electronic heat sink
Fluidization of non-spherical particles: CFD-DEM simulations
Microwave Assisted Catalyst Synthesis, Characterization and its performance evaluation for Methane Reforming
Modeling of detachment of droplet adhering to a wall in a channel
Modeling of droplet train impact on a moving surface
Engineering Thermodynamics
Chemical reaction in breakthrough separations (in collaboration with Shell Research and Technology Centre Amsterdam)
CO2 capture with liquid crystals: selectivity analysis
Smart networks
Soft, Softer, Softest: Strain softening in foams and emulsions
Transport coefficients on the nanoscale

Current MSc Projects

Completed MSc Projects

Fluid Mechanics
Aerodynamics of the swift
Air sheet lubrication for drag reduction of solid bodies in fast flowing fluids
An efficient Immersed Boundary Method based on penalized direct forcing for simulating flows through arbitrary porous media
Application of ultrasound for the mixing of molten aluminum (measuring and calculating cavitation induced by ultrasound)
Asphaltene deposition in turbulent shear flows
Assessment of Velocity Conditioned Micro-Mixing for PDF Modeling of a Turbulent Non-Premixed Natural Gas Jet Flame
Combustion of Biogas-like Mixtures in Coflow of Cold Air and of Hot Lean Combustion Products
Computational Modeling of Turbulent Ethanol Spray Flames in a Hot Diluted Coflow
Computational Modeling of Turbulent Ethanol Spray Flames in a Hot Diluted Coflow using OpenFOAM
Computational study of flow structures in the boundary layer at the transition to turbulence behind zigzag strips
Computational study of fluid motion for micro-gravity simulations
Development of an effective process model for algae growth in a photo bioreactor.
Digital Defocussing Particle Tracking Velocimetry in a Random Positioning Machine
Direct Numerical Simulation of dilute droplet-laden flows
Direct Numerical Simulation of turbulent flows over crops with application to ventilation in greenhouses
Drag and lift reduction of a 3D bluff-body using active vortex generators
Experiments on accumulation and sweep-out of liquid in a low elbow of a gas/liquid pipeline
Fluid manipulation at microscopic scale
Investigation of droplet effects on vortex shedding from a bluff body
Laminar to turbulent transition of pulsatile non-Newtonian fluids
Laminar to turbulent transition under physiological conditions
LES of Delft Jet-in-Hot-Coflow (DJHC) with Presumed PDF Model and Tabulated Chemistry
Modelling of oil-water core flow
MSc Project : Prediction of emissions from combustion systems using zero-dimensional and one-dimensional reacting flow models
MSc Project: Experimental study using PIV of Flame-Wall Interaction of a Flame Jet Impinging on a Cooled Cylinder
MSc project: Hydrodynamic interactions between spheres rolling down a plate in a viscous fluid
Nanofluidics at hydrophilic and hydrophobic surfaces
Numerical Modelling of Radiative Heat transfer in Flameless and Conventional Combustion
Optimizing towards minimal drag of the aerodynamic package of a truck
Simulation of accumulation and sweep-out of liquid in a low elbow of a gas/liquid pipeline
Sound production due to a constriction in the urethra
Theoretical modeling of laminar and turbulent dispersed multiphase flow in a solar reactor for hydrogen production by cracking of methane
Transient turbulence in Taylor-Couette flow
Intensified Reaction & Separation Systems
Task-based design of solution crystallization processes: Modelling of tasks for optimization driven process synthesis
A novel pilot-plant airlift crystallizer
A novel pilot-plant airlift crystallizer
CFD modeling of a couette cell – The effect of heat transfer and viscous dissipation on the product quality
Chiral Separation by a Combination of Racemization and Crystallization
Controlling solvates of phenylalanine
Design of a new adsorption process for the removal of five odorous compounds from a toluene stream
Electrostatic Crystallization for Producing Different Polymorphs of Pharmaceuticals
Encapsulation Pharmaceutical Crystals
Experimental characteristics and modelling of a micro-tray distillation column
Grinding for one Chirality
Grinding for one Chirality
Membrane-assisted crystallization
Microencapsulation by ALD/MLD in Fluidized beds
Microencapsulation of Gluten
Plasma Gasification of Sanitation Biomass
Project confidential
Ultrasonic irradiation and its mixing and crystal nucleation consequences
Energy Technology
Acoustic agglomeration as a pretreatment to enhance particle separation in syngas cleaning
Forze hydrogen racing car cooling system
Furfural synthesis in the presence of glucose
Life cycle assessment of different uses of circulating fluidized bed gasification’s end products
Modeling hysteresis effects in boiler components
Modeling of radiative heat transfer in solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC)
Modelling small scale waste gasification (Internship)
Optimization of a Solid Oxid Fuel Cell running on Ammonia from wastewater treatment
Radial micro turbine design optimization
SOFC anode performance analysis with point and pattern electrodes
Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Running on Ammonia from Wastewater Treatment
Study on tar conversion and formation
Sustainability analysis of a new biomass gasification system to produce substitute natural gas based on manure
The Influence of Tar on the Performance of Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
Thermal storage optimization of Solar Tower Thermal Power Plants
Wet cycle microturbines
Engineering Thermodynamics
CO2 capture with ionic liquids
CO2 capture with liquid crystals: selectivity analysis
CO2 hydrate slurry for the rapid chilling of meat
Predicting the diffusion of CO2 in substituted amines
The design and optimization of a stable 450 W free piston Stirling engine (FPSE) from a geometric and thermodynamic point of view