Engineering Thermodynamics
Carbon Dioxide Capture with Ionic Liquids
CO2-water hydrates for rapid chilling / conservation of meat
Computer simulations of Carbon Dioxide absorption in Liquid Solvents
Computer Simulations on Nanocrystals
Designer Sorbents – Structured systems for heat pumps
Investigation of adsorption and diffusion in Metal-Organic Frameworks with the help of advanced molecular simulation methods
Jamming and random spring networks
Jamming of Soft Spheres
Liquid crystals as novel process solvents for absorption
Minichannel heat exchangers for compression resorption heat pumps
Mutual diffusion in ionic liquids
Solvent Management in Post Combustion CO2 Capture
Thermodynamic modeling of Phase Equilibria using COSMO-RS
Understanding heat- and surface effects for zeolite membranes
Fluid Mechanics
Computational modeling of turbulent spray combustion
Demixing in turbulent 3 phase flows
DisTUrbE - Dispersion in the Turbulent Urban Environment
Drag Reduction in WaterSports
Droplet coalescence in dense suspensions
Experimental study of turbulent combustion in a single burner furnace
Heavy Fuel Oil Combustion in a HiTAC Boiler
Impact of boiling liquid on fluid-vapour-wall interaction in LNG transfer systems
Investigation of complex flow patterns in a moving immersion lens droplet
PhD project: Air leakage control of air cavity vessels for maritime transport through hydrophobic coatings
PhD project: Modelling and experiments for by-pass pigging with speed control
PhD project: Study of dense turbulent sediment transport by means of fully resolved simulations
PhD project: Study of droplet-turbulence interaction in two-phase flows by means of DNS
PhD project: The influence of the properties of antifouling coatings on the skin friction and turbulent boundary layer along a ship
Scaling of dust explosions
Ship drag reduction by air lubrication
The hemodynamics of vascular remodelling
Energy Technology
Biomass Co-firing Project
CFD modeling of a biomass fuel cell utility system
Creating a syngas infrastructure based on multi-fuel gasifiers in the Port of Rotterdam area
Direct numerical simulation of compressible turbulent flows close to their vapor-liquid critical point
Direct numerical simulation of supercritcal flows in developing pipes
Experimental and CFD evaluation of SOFC cells and stacks for biosyngas based operation
Gasification of biomass using a novel vortex reactor; fuel, tar and system analysis
Gasifiers with Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFC)
PhD project: Study of droplet-turbulence interaction in two-phase flows by means of DNS
Quantifying manufacturing uncertainties for micro compressors
Supercritical CO2 as working fluid for next-generation power plants
Sustainable fuels and fuel cell systems for Aircrafts - System thermodynamics
Intensified Reaction & Separation Systems
Coarse-grained modelling of fluidized beds of non-spherical particles
Coupled CFD-DEM simulations and experiments on 3D fluidized beds containing elongated particles: effects of particle size aspect ratio
Coupled CFD-DEM simulations and experiments on quasi-2D fluidized beds containing elongated particles: effects of wall proximity and particle orientation
Crystallization & Encapsulation in multicomponent mixtures (COMPLETED)
Crystallization in composite hydrogels
Development of task-based crystallizer for pharmaceutical applications
Direct numerical simulations of fluid-solid interactions with non-spherical particles
Improving boundary conditions for Lattice Boltzmann simulations of fluid-induced forces on non-spherical particles at high Reynolds numbers
Light-Generating Photocatalysts and Intensified Reactors
Nucleation control using alternative energies like ultrasounds and microwaves during crystallization process