Modeling of detachment of droplet adhering to a wall in a channel

Deformation, detachment and flow-induced motion of droplets adhering to a solid wall are relevant to many industrial applications such as removal of oil in detergency (see Fig. 1). The motion of droplets on a solid surface is influenced by the substrate properties. In this project, we aim to investigate the deformation of a single and multiple liquid droplets in a channel which is subjected to a laminar flow. The effects of surface tension, flow velocity, and surface wettability are examined to find out the optimal conditions for efficient droplet removal. 














Fig. 1: deformation and detachment of a silicon oil in a channel (Seevaratnam, G. K., et al. "Laminar flow deformation of a droplet adhering to a wall in a channel, Chemical Engineering Science 65.16 (2010): 4523-4534.)

A multiphase lattice Boltzmann technique is used for simulations. This project is available from September 2016.


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