ERC Consolidator Grant for Christian Poelma

ERC Consolidator Grant for Christian Poelma


Dr Christian Poelma has received the prestigious ERC Consolidator Grant (2 million euros) for his study entitled ‘Flows Unveiled: Multimodal Measurement in Opaque Two-Phase Flows (OpaqueFlows)’. Christian is a associate professor in 3mE’s Department of Process & Energy and conducts research on multiphase flows. Christian has been running the new Multiphase Systems section at P&E since 2016.

Christian on the ERC Consolidator Grant
‘I’m really happy, and actually the timing is perfect. We launched the new Multiphase Systems group last year in the Department of Process & Energy. This grant gives us a massive head start with our research on multiphase systems.’                                               

The OpaqueFlows project

The OpaqueFlows project unveils dense two-phase flows. These flows consist of a fluid containing suspended particles or droplets; examples include blood, milk, and slurries. While these flows are abundant in nature and industry, they are currently poorly understood and difficult to model. This is due to the fact that these flows are opaque and current optical measurement techniques cannot see through them; very little experimental data is therefore available. In this project, four new imaging techniques that can see inside these flows are combined. When applied to a series of benchmark flows, they each provide a different view. Combining these views gives unprecedented insight in the interaction between fluid and particles. This will enable us to formulate and validate efficient models for engineering applications.

About the ERC grants
European Research Council (ERC) grants are part of the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 programme. The ERC Consolidator Grants are meant to support researchers who wish to consolidate their own (independent) research team or programme.

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