Gas Turbines

The power generation landscape has undergone radical changes over the past years. The role of gas turbines has shifted from baseload operation on natural gas to fuel-flexible operation on a diversity of fuels. It is expected that gas turbines will play a very important role in future power generation systems due to their flexibility, efficiency and relatively low costs.

The research at TU Delft aims for a combination of experimental and applied theoretical/numerical research on the following three themes:

  1. Maximum flexible high-efficiency operation of (existing) gas turbine power plants and combined heat and power plants (part-load operation, start/stop optimization, etc.).
  2. Utilisation of non-conventional fuels in gas turbines (100% H2, synthetic fuels, bio refinery waste gases, thermoacoustics, etc.).
  3. Advanced power cycles (Fuel cell supercritical CO2 cycle, biomass gasifier – gas turbine integration).


An overview of the research background and of the research chair is provided in the presentation of Prof. Klein’s inaugural lecture. The presentation (in Dutch) is available for download here.


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