Dr. Jie Ren


Position Postdoctoral scholar
Affiliation Energy Technology
Email j.ren-1@tudelft.nl
Address Room # 141, Process and Energy Laboratory, Building 46
Leeghwaterstraat 44
2628CA Delft




Research Interests

1. Direct numerical simulation of laminar turbulent transition

2. Stability theory of shear flows (LST, PSE, Adjoint equations, Global instability).

3. Receptivity of boundary layer to external perturbations.


Selected publication

J. Ren, S. Fu, A. Hanifi “Stabilization of the hypersonic boundary layer by finite-amplitude streaks” Physics of Fluids, 28(2) (2016)024110. 

J. Ren, S. Fu “Secondary instabilities of Görtler vortices in high-speed boundary layer flows” Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 781 (2015)388-421. 

J. Ren, S. Fu “Study of the discrete spectrum in a Mach 4.5 Görtler flow” Flow, Turbulence and Combustion, 94(2) (2015)339-357.