Mutual diffusion in ionic liquids

The conversion of biopolymer to fuels is of great interest as it offers a potential alternative for reducing the world dependence of fossil fuels as well as the emission of CO2. The natural of biopolymers makes it difficult to process. The pre-treatment is therefore necessary. It has been shown that the biopolymers are soluble in ionic liquids (ILs) which are salts and have the melting pointing below 100 °C.  However, slow diffusion in mixtures with ILs often restricts their applicability in practice. A thorough understanding and prediction methods for diffusion in ILs are highly desirable. Previous research has largely focused on self-diffusion in ILs. For practical applications, mutual diffusion is by far more important than self-diffusion. In this project, mutual diffusion in ILs is studied using molecular simulations.


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