Optimizing towards minimal drag of the aerodynamic package of a truck

MSc graduation project of Patrick Schrijvers
Location: Lab. for Aero & Hydrodynamics
Supervisor: M.J.B.M. Pourquie
Defense: August 20 2010

Project description:

Traditionally the main focus of trucks is on the load capacity making them square boxes to carry as much load as possible. However, with the increasing attention for the environment and the increasing price of fuel, the cost aspect gets more and more attention. To reduce aerodynamic drag, trucks are often equipped with a spoiler-package (roof deflector and side fairings). The users of these vehicles often do not know how to set up their aerodynamic features to obtain the minimal drag. The goal is to find a relation between spoiler setting, gap length and trailer height that gives a total drag decrease. With this relation, it is easier to see what the proper spoiler setting is and what the penalty is for applying a non-optimal setting. This is completely done with the aid of CFD simulations.


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