Minichannel heat exchangers for compression resorption heat pumps

Current separation processes within chemical and refining consume large amounts of energy. Increasing rising energy costs demand improvement of energy efficiencies. Significant reductions in energy consumption are expected by using innovative heat pump concepts for removal and supply of heat from/to a separation process. The research should lead to a fully integrated system consisting of traditional distillation and novel heat pump technology.

The amount of heat transferred will be determined by measuring mass flow, temperature and pressure at in- and outlets of a mini channel test section. From this data and the use of a fluid properties library, heat and mass transfer coefficients can be determined. Also the pressure drop can be measured.

Goals of the project are achieving high heat transfer rates and large surface area to volume ratios. This should lead to reduced investment cost and an optimized heat pump system.

Mini channel test setup

4 diameters from 0.5 to 2mm, 5 lengths each

one 6mm tube as a reference

People working on the project:

C.A. Infante Ferreira

Bora Aydin

Catalina Vasilescu

Dennis van de Bor

Jasper van Leeuwen