CO2 capture with liquid crystals: selectivity analysis



Recently, research has started to a new class of solvents for CO2 absorption: liquid crystals. Liquid crystals are molecules with a structured liquid phase between the solid and isotropic (liquid) phase. The solubility of CO2 is higher in the isotropic phase than in the structured phase. Cooling down the mixture a few degrees is already sufficient to remove part of the absorbed CO2. Therefore, this process consumes probably less energy than required for the current amine process. Little is known about the ability of these materials to capture CO2, and of selectivity, nothing is known yet.


The task of this project is to study the solubility of CH4 and/or H2 in liquid crystals in order to give an indication of the selectivity of liquid crystals for a mixture of CO2 and CH4 and/or H2. A high pressure setup (up to 120 bar) is available for measurements.


Open to Final Year Master students only.


For information, please contact:

MariĆ«tte de Groen


tel: 015-2789759


Dr. ir. Th. W. de Loos


tel: 015-278-6651


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