Forze hydrogen racing car cooling system

MSc student exchange: Alexander Viktor Ohlman


This report explains the design process undertaken for the cooling system of the Forze V hydrogen fuel cell racing car. The Forze V has been developed to compete in the Formula Student inter-university competition in July, 2012.  
The aim of the cooling system design has been to reach the best possible exergy efficiency of  the  fuel  cell  power  plant  in  the  car.  This  was  done  through  simulation  of  the  fuel  cell system in Cycle-Tempo, as well as detailed engineering design of the cooling system and its components.  
Initial  testing  indicates  that  the  heat  load  from  the  fuel  cell  is  lower  than  expected,  which means the cooling system has been over-dimensioned. The pump is able to overcome the pressure  drop  in  the  system,  even  though  testing  has  shown  it  to  be  slightly  larger  than expected.  
In  the  near  future  testing  remains  for  the  cooling  system  with  both  stacks  in  parallel,  as presently only the performance with a single stack has been tested.


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