Álvaro Fernandes

Current research activities

  • System modeling of Biofuels production
  • System modeling of Refrigeration plants
  • System modeling of SOFC power units for aircrafts

Professional activities

  • Project engineer in HVAC systems (2009-2011)
  • Technician in gas turbine/ICE-based CHP plant (2000-2009)

Educational and professional background

  • MSc graduation in University of Minho, Guimaraes, Portugal (2003-2008)
  • Computer programmer, high school, Portugal (1992-1995)

Grants, Scholarships and prizes

  • 4 merit awards of best class student by university of Minho
  • 1 merit scholarship as the best final course student by FCT (Foundation for the science and Technology)
  • 1 distinction prize attributed by the Industrial association of Minho
  • 1 distinction prize attributed by the Rotary Club of Guimaraes



Work Address: 
Leeghwaterstraat 39, 2628 CB Delft
+31-15-278 36 88
+31-15-278 24 60

Recent publications

1. A. Fernandes, T. Woudstra, P.V. Aravind, System simulation and exergy analysis on the use of biomass-derived liquid-hydrogen for SOFC/GT powered aircraft, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, Volume 40, Issue 13, 13 April 2015, Pages 4683-4697.