Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Running on Ammonia from Wastewater Treatment


MSc. student: Sander Tensen

Final Colloqium: May 31, 2011

Ammonia in waste water is a contaminant and hazardous to the environment, but ammonia in a fuel cell is energy dense in volume and comparable to hydrogen in performance. In this project we try to optimize the performance of a real life system where ammonia from waste water is fed to a solid oxide fuel cell. For this we use a novel process which can be used for reject water from a waste water digester and along the way also harvests the scarce phosphate from the waste water. This in turn can be used as valuable fertilizer. For this project a pilot plant has been built in Scheemda where the ammonia is produced and a 400h endurance test is planned in the SOFC-lab using a 1 kW stack. Preliminary studies show positive results in technical feasibility and possible economic return of an industrial scale plant.  


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