Stator/rotor interaction of high expansion ratio turbines

Modern gas turbines are characterized by high Mach number flows due to the high expansion required across their stages. Unsteady CFD calculations are the only reliable approach to study the stator/rotor interaction of this machines, dominated by complex shock/shock and shock/boundary layer interactions.

The aim of the project is to perform unsteady computations of a real gas high expansion ratio turbine, and study the resulting flow field.

The candidate will be working within the framework of an in-house RANS solver. He will be required to extend an already implemented two-dimensional sliding interface to the general case of a three-dimensional geometry. After the validation of the newly developed boundary treatment, the geometry of a real turbine will be considered for the CFD analysis. The extended simulation capability will provide useful insights on the loss mechanisms due to the interactions between the shock waves propagating from the turbine stator and the rotor blades boundary layer.


Knowledge of C++ programming language is welcomed (the CFD solver is written in C++) but not mandatory.


Advisor: Rene Pecnik

Daily supervisor: Enrico Rinaldi

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