Mesh relaxation schemes for CFD based on molecular dynamics

Mesh relaxation is widely used to achieve high quality CFD grids for complex geometries. Robust and efficient techniques are required when a local or global re-meshing of the domain is needed (e.g.  aeroelasticity computations).

The aim of the project is to develop a mesh relaxation scheme based on the idea of mimicking the interaction of molecules. The nodes of the mesh will be considered as physical particles (therefore interacting with each other by means of attractive and repulsive forces), and the relaxation will be based on the minimization of the potential energy derived from the force field.

The newly developed method will be tested on several test cases and its performance compared with  other standard schemes. Finally, it will be used for the generation of a grid to perform CFD computations on a complex turbomachinery geometry.


Knowledge of C++ programming language is welcomed (the mesh generator is written in C++) but not mandatory.


Advisor: Rene Pecnik

Daily supervisor: Enrico Rinaldi

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