Modelling small scale waste gasification (Internship)

Waste4ME BV, a joint venture of a Bulgarian and a Dutch entrepreneur, is developing with several partners waste to energy technology for small-scale operation. Waste4ME is offering an internship position for static modelling of the energy flows in the complete setup including validation on site in Bulgaria. Waste4ME will use the model in the decision making process of creating the optimum product in commercial and strategic perspective.

Product details

The WER, Waste Reducer Energy Recovery Generator, is in development for the Dutch military to turn waste into energy during operations. The WER converts between 100 – 150 kg/hour waste into gas. The gas is fed into a diesel engine as dual fuel to save diesel.

The waste is turned into gas by integrated pretreatment, gasification and gas cleaning. The several involved flows have the potential to be further integrated to gain a higher efficiency. A higher efficiency is welcome up to the point that either the additional investment in material doesn’t pay off or when the additional components jeopardize meeting market application.

Model details

The model is required to be validated on the current setup and then evaluate several options for further heat integration and predict specific gas production.

Optional can the integration with the generator be included after the other milestones are met.

Waste4ME and WER consortium

Waste4ME BV is a result of the cooperation between Quantum Solutions Ltd, Bulgaria and Toeps, Netherlands for proving the feasibility of small-scale waste gasification by April 2013. Quantum Solutions and Toeps created Waste4ME and WER consortium to use the results of the feasibility study to build the WER as complete and certified product. The time to product is a year, which is on-going and ahead of schedule. All parties in the consortium work on result based-payments with a high trust level and mutual commercialisation vision. This results in fast development with corrections on the way and no bureaucracy.

Internship details

As Waste4ME and partners are working under a military contract there are specific requirements to be met. Therefore the nationality is an important factor and is the internship limited to EU-citizens.

As entrepreneurs we like working with responsible, integer, little risk taking people who can work independently with result in mind. The work location will vary between Haarlem, Delft-home (when internship coordinator is travelling) and Varna region. Waste4ME will pay a small internship fee and will cover the travel expenses to Bulgaria.

Contact details Waste4ME

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