AN Tabish

Current research activities

  • Studying Electrochemical oxidation (experimental and modelling) of multiple fuels in SOFC
  • Investigation of SOFC anode kinetics using pattern anodes
  • SOFC system design

Teaching activities


Professional activities

  • Assistant professor, UET Lahore-Pakistan

Educational background

  • MSc Chemical Engineering from UET Lahore-Pakistan

Grants, Scholarships and prizes

  • Faculty Development program (FDP) fellowship, UET Lahore-Pakistan



Work Address: 
Leeghwaterstraat 39, 2628 CB, Delft, Netherlands.
+31-15-278 6987

Recent Publications

1. A.N. Tabish , M. Zafar , M. Rustam, S.H. Javed , N. Feroze , M. Kazmi, “Thermoeconomic evaluation of an Industrial Fire-tube Boiler” Journal of Pakistan Institute of Chemical Engineers  42 (1) 2014: 117-124

2. HC Patel, A.N. Tabish, F Comlli, PV Aravind, "Oxidation of H2, CO and syngas mixtures on ceria and nickel pattern anodes" Applied Energy 154:912-920

3. Patel, H. C., A. N. Tabish, and P. V. Aravind. "Modelling of elementary kinetics of H 2 and CO oxidation on ceria pattern cells." Electrochimica Acta182 (2015): 202-211.

4. Tabish, A. N., et al. "Electrochemical Oxidation of CO/H2 Mixtures on Ni and Ceria Pattern Anodes." ECS Transactions 68.1 (2015): 1129-1136.