Experimental investigation of rice husk gasification in a 25kW Bubbling Fluidized Bed Gasifier

Second generation biomass contributes to reducing the fossil fuel related problems and preventing negative interference with the food and feed supply chain. This project focuses on an important residue source from rice production, namely rice husks. The context is Indonesia, which is one of the major rice producing countries in the world.

Indonesian rice husk will be converted by means of steam-oxygen blown gasification in a 25kW (thermal input) Bubbling Fluidized Bed Gasifier. Rice husk is a peculiar fuel as its ash contains high amounts of silica. The master end project consists of commissioning the new test rig and testing the fuel conversion under different process conditions. Mass and energy balances are to be set up and critically evaluated. The ashes are to be characterized so as to determine possible future sustainable usage. Modeling work concerning the gasifier and fuel characterization (via TGA and pyroprobe) accompanies the study.