Direct numerical simulations of non-spherical particles

Graduation project description

Several industrial processes involve particles which are non-spherical in nature. For example, bio-mass gasification process involves milled bio-mass, which could be approximated as sphero-cylinders in shape. This work involves direct numerical simulations (DNS) of such non-spherical particles at different Reynolds numbers, orientations and different solids volume fraction. The simulations are performed using the lattice Boltzmann method (LBM). The LBM code is highly parallelized and run at SURFsara Amsterdam, the Dutch national supercomputing facility, currently up to several hundred processors per simulation.

Fig. 1: Milled wooden pellets used in bio-mass production.

Fig. 2: Random configurations of sphero-cylindrical particles (left). Corresponding velocity contours for flow around such particles (right)

Detailed direct numerical simulations (DNS) of biomass-like particles with prescribed random orientations as in figure 2. These results are used to create closures for drag, lift and torque. Such closures will be applied on much larger CFD-DEM simulations and can be compared with fluidization experiments.

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