Ostwald Ripening in emulsions

My graduation project focuses on one of the reasons of emulsion destabilization: Ostwald ripening, extensively encountered in the fields of catalysis and crystallization as well. It is a phenomenon in which droplets above a certain radius grow at the expense of smaller droplets.What eventually remains is a cluster of droplets of significantly large radii, susceptible to coalescence and eventually phase separation. It can be visualized like this: Micro droplets in an emulsion dissolve and diffuse together to form macro droplets, leading further to phase separation. This is usually seen in emulsions with relatively small amounts of dispersed phase. Since diffusion is the driving force behind it, our objective in this project is to find out how the rate of ripening is affected if the diffusion capability of the dispersed phase in the surrounding media is diminished. We intend to alter the properties of the dispersed medium to change the rate of this diffusion controlled process.