Brian P. Tighe

Associate Professor
Process & Energy Department
Faculty of Mechanical, Maritime, and Material Engineering
TU Delft

We use both theoretical and numerical methods to study soft solids, thick fluids, and phase transitions between the two. Our research leads to models that can predict deformation and flow in foams, emulsions, suspensions, and other complex fluids with practical applications.

Recent highlights:

Disclaimer: If you found this page with a search engine, you may be wondering whether I'm the Brian Tighe with all the knives. I'm not.

Office: P&E Building, Rm 250
Tel: +31 (0)15 27 81103
Email: b.p.tighe (at)

Mail: Delft University of Technology
Process & Energy Laboratory
Leeghwaterstraat 39
2628 CB Delft
The Netherlands