Interactive CFD

Interactive CFD. This simple tool solves the time-dependent incompressible Navier-Stokes equations using a conventional projection method on a staggered mesh (no stream-function vorticity method). Objects can be drawn, scaled, moved or removed interactively. For teaching purposes, discretization schemes for the advection term can be changed to visually investigate their effect on the flow field. For more info, please feel free to contact me. Summer project 2018.

Solar Stirling engine

Instead of burning alcohol to power a Stirling engine, we run it on solar energy! We placed a metal foam inside the transparent piston, which catches the concentrated sun light through a lens, bathroom mirrors, etc. Summer project 2015.

Virtual reality visualization of CFD data

Virtual reality visualization of turbulent structures inside a duct flow. January 2015

Turbulent flow inside a square duct (Q-criterion isosurface). Use the left mouse button to drag the view in any direction. If using a smartphone, the accelerometer and gyroscope will take care of the viewing direction. Note, it might take a while until the data loads. All the rendering is performed within the browser. For full-screen on a smartphone click HERE
Homemade Google Cardboard VR head-set.
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Star gazing with Prof. Jakob Woisetschläger, and some pictures taken in California (2009) with a 90mm refractor (f/10) and a Canon Rebel XTi SLR.